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Privacy Policy for Ekman Hotels


1. Introduction

Here at Ekman Hotels, we process your personal data in various ways, for example when you order services from us, stay at our hotels, use services we provide and in other contexts. Our Privacy Policy gives you more information about how we process your personal data. Below is contact information, if you have any questions or wish to review information we hold on you.

We process your personal data in accordance with the current Swedish personal data legislation, including GDPR.

2. The data controller for your personal data

Our company Ekman Invest/Ekman Hotels consists of Stadshotellet in Kristinehamn, Hotel Alfred Nobel, Hotel Charlottenberg, Hotel Årjäng, Hotel Stadsparken Helsingborg and Hotel Heden in Göteborg. These hotels have their own Privacy Policies and will be their own controllers for booking and hotel stays.

3. Processing of personal data relating to booking and hotel stays

In connection with booking made by you or by others on your behalf, Ekman Hotels process the personal data we need to fulfil the agreement for booking and purchase of services. This is information which you have given us directly or via travel or other agents. For example, we process information about your identity, your contact details, and your payment details.

In certain cases, we store your passport number. We also process other information you may have given us which is relevant to your stay with us. This could be information about allergies or special requests for your stay with us. We record all purchases and orders you make with us, for example spa services, restaurants, room service and such, to provide these services and to enable you to pay for them.

3.1 Web profile: when booking via our website, you can use a service called “My page”. This is provided by our booking engine, where personal information / wishes / interests / needs are           stored and saved to simplify the order and adapt services in accordance with the profile. Ekman Hotels may also use this information to customize services and your stay with us.

4. Processing of personal data for development, troubleshooting and security

Ekman Hotels will process data, including personal data, for the purposes of troubleshooting or error correction, for improving our services and the technology we use and for analysing usage and user behaviour. We will also process personal data in order to verify your identity, including verifying your identity in connection with your use of our digital services.

As far as possible, we anonymise data or create statistics, but will also have to process personal data for development, troubleshooting, statistical and security purposes.

5. Other processing of personal data

In case of competitions or other activities which you may take part in, we will process personal data such as name and contact information when this is necessary, e.g. for recording participants and then drawing one or more winners. As far as possible, we will specifically inform you of this at the time you take part in competitions or other activities.

If you contact our customer service or otherwise approach us with an inquiry, we will process the personal data you provide to the extent that this is necessary for answering and logging your inquiry. We also list which newsletters and offers we send out and whether these newsletters have been opened. This is for legitimate interests or to fulfil agreements with you, or to answer your inquiries. The legitimate interests are to practise good customer care and to adjust the number of newsletters sent out.

Apart from the processing described in our Privacy policy or based on your consent, in certain cases we must or may process personal data when this is imposed on us or permitted by applicable legislation, including the Swedish Data Protection Act and GDPR., or by applicable orders from the authorities or courts.

6. Processing of personal data relating to our suppliers, business customers and business contacts

We process information about contact persons appointed by our suppliers, business customers, cooperation partners, participants in events aimed at the business world and other persons acting in a business role. We do this in order to work efficiently, to enter into and enforce contracts, recruit employees, manage our business and develop our business and professional network. Such information typically comprises name, contact information, position, business, skills, commercial interests, and participation in our events for the business world or a previous interest in us and our employees.

Ekman Hotels store such information for as long as we consider that the person is one of our business contacts. The starting point for this is our legitimate interests.

7. Surrender of personal data and mandatory processing

We do not pass on your personal data to third parties unless you have consented to this or unless the applicable legislation, including the Swedish Data Protection Act and GDPR, or a valid order from the authorities or the courts permit or force us to do so.

For the sake of the procedure, we would point out that our use of data controllers to process information on our behalf does not constitute surrender of information.

8. Collection of personal data from others

In order to ensure that we have the correct information about you, we may cleanse your information against other sources, such as telephone directories, public registries and the like. In some cases, it may be relevant to credit-check our customers, which involves obtaining credit data from other sources. We obtain information from our cooperation partners and other parts of our group, where this is lawful and necessary for providing services and communication for you.

9. Your rights

As a person, you have various rights under the Personal Data Regulations.

You have the right to view your information, and to correct or delete personal data about yourself which we are processing. You are further entitled to request limited processing, to raise objections to processing and to request entitlement to data portability.

If you want to use your right to access our treatment of your personal data, you can find more information here. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us by email, We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible, and no later than within 30 days.

We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we allow you to make use of your entitlements with us. We must do this to ensure that we only give access to your personal information to you – and not to anyone claiming to be you.

10. Data Protection Officer

We have our own Data Protection Officer at Ekman Hotels. The Data Protection Officer is responsible for all our companies and for all personal data we process.

The Data Protection Officer is our contact point with the Swedish Data Protection Authority. The Data Protection Officer´s work is to monitor our compliance with the personal data rules and our internal guidelines.

You can contact our Data Protection Officer at

If you feel that our processing of personal data does not match what we have described here or otherwise breaches the personal data legislation, you may complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You will find information about contacting the Data Protection Authority on their website

11. Changes to Privacy Policy or in processing data

We are continually working to develop and improve our services for our customers. This may change the method or extent of our processing of personal data. Information we provide in this Privacy Policy will thus be adapted and updated at regular intervals. We will also change the Privacy Policy when the new rules of official practise make this necessary.


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